Installation of a Lowering Full Air Suspension consists of:

  • Removal of the existing Leaf or Coil Springs, fitting of two Air-Springs, new parabolic Leaf Springs in the case of leaf sprung Vehicles, the necessary Mounting Brackets along with the complete pneumatic ECAS package (Compressor, Electronic Height Sensor, Electronic Control Unit, etc) and Braking System.

System Features:

  • The System is available in two versions. The Standard Version is applicable for Commercial Applications providing Load Support, Stability and improved Ride. This is suitable for Tow Trucks, Heavy Goods Transportation, etc. The Comfort Version provides a Soft Suspension and Superior Comfort. The suspension frequency is as low as 0.9 Hertz and is particularly suitable for Ambulances, Taxis and Wheelchair Transportation.
  • The system can be provided with a standard raise/lower switch, which allows lowering of the rear of the Vehicle.


  • Lowering Facility:
    A Switch can be mounted inside the Vehicle (usually at the Back), which releases the Air in the Air Springs and lowers the Rear until the Bump Stops make contact with the Axle.
  • Special Anti-Roll Bar:
    This anti-roll bar is a Heavier Version than the Original Factory Fit. It will provide better road handling particularly for Vehicles a high centre of gravity (e.g. Motorhomes). This is not currently available for all Vehicles. ยท
  • Mechanical Height Control is an option instead of the ECAS Feature.


  • The Full Air Suspension Kits are fully EEC Approved and many Systems have received the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s Approval.
Used On:

  • Emergency and Welfare Ambulances
  • Minibuses
  • Breakdown Vehicles
  • Motor-Caravans
  • Delicate Loads
  • Mobile shops and Workshops
  • Specialist Vehicles